OKAS is a real estate investment initiative of DMI Asset Management (DMI Alternative Investment Fund) which is part of the DMI Group. OKAS focuses on assets in the form of residential and commercial plots, in addition to land aggregation. Through partnerships with leading developers, we aim to change the residential and commercial landscape with innovative craftsmanship, Japanese technology, unique design and pioneering material.

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The OKAS Approach

OKAS constantly strives to operate at the highest levels of trust and reliability and conducts its business with a focus on these five key elements: Quality Construction, Innovation & Technology, Due Diligence, Timely Delivery and Sustainability

AUM - USD 250 Million
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Timely Delivery

In a world where time is money and people value promptness as a mark of integrity, OKAS has set timely delivery..

Quality Construction

Within the globalising Indian economy, consumers are coming of age. They seek homes and work-spaces that..

Innovation & Technology

For our discerning patrons, run-of-the-mill structures and spaces would just not work..


Pragmatism and new-age ideals lead OKAS to infuse sustainable technology and innovation in all our projects..

Due Diligence

Professionalism within the Group dictates thorough due diligence at every stage from forging partnerships..